"Where do you get your space images?"

All of the nebulae and galaxy images I’ve posted are edited artworks of mine, unless credited otherwise. Those listed under my Space Art page are my digital artworks I just make as a hobby.


"How can I download your playlist?"

Streampad plays songs I upload on Tumblr, so there isn’t a direct way to acquire them. You would have to manually download them from mp3 websites. I will occasionally link a zip’d playlist once in awhille, so keep your eyes peeled!


"How do I reblog your pictures?"

You should be able to see the buttons for reblogging and the permalink by scrolling over the photos.


"Do you sell your artwork?"

Yes, I have an online Society6 shop here. I will also be making nebula print shirts soon, which I will announce when available via this blog.


"Do nebulae actually look like how they look in your artwork?"

Yes and no. It actually depends on which perspective we’re dealing with.

Telescopes and cameras, when used at an appropriate timed exposure, will be able to produce a comparable image that can be colored when used with a filter.

Through the perspective of humans, however, the physiology of the eye limits our ability to see the colors of nebulae. The rods, which work for your night vision, are not color sensitive like the cones are during the day. Also, the eye’s “shutter speed” is about 1/10th of a second which is not enough time to soak up enough photons to trigger the cones into seeing color. 

At best, you might see tinges of blue-green color for some of the brighter objects such as the Orion Nebula, but most nebulae register as shades of gray to the human eye.


"Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?"

Yes! The universe contains about 200 billion galaxies, and within these galaxies are billions upon billions of stars — ranging to even trillions. Within these star systems, millions of Earth-like habitable exoplanets are thought to exist. Exoplanets aside, lifeforms entirely different from humans that live under extreme conditions can exist as well.

This universe wasn’t made for us, so I think it’s rather silly to think that we are the only living beings to exist.

To better understand the scale of the universe, I recommend this link.


"Do you believe in God?"

I am spiritual, but not religious. I believe that there is some sort of entity that does exist, but I personally don’t consider it a “god” or “superior”. The concept of religion seems man-made to me.


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